The Economic Landscape has Shifted.

The World has Changed.

How Can You Benefit You Now? 

As upwardly-mobile professionals and executives settle into the "new normal" some - but  not all - are facing financial challenges. All, however are in process of re-assessing life priorities, and exploring a multitude of options previously not attractive, or available.


For example, many are contemplating relocating out-of-state, saying goodbye to California's Franchise Tax Board permanently,  have been or plan to work remotely across California's borders, working through voluntarily or involuntarily career changes, contemplating buying or selling a home or residential rental property(ies), and launching new businesses. ​

Regardless of which group you identify with, it's important you ask yourself the following questions.​

  1. Have you adopted a strategy to minimize your personal economy’s cash out flow exposure - and feel in control in projected best-case, worst-case and expected case financial, tax and cash outflow scenarios that may be part of your future in 2020 and 2021?

  2. Seriously contemplating moving out of the Bay area in 2020/2021 to avoid high cost of living and high income, property and sales tax rates? Have you developed financial and tax models to evaluate state variances in areas including earned income, capital gains, deductions, credits, property and sales taxes?

  3. What effective tax rates are you on target to achieve in 2020 best-case, worst-case and expected case scenarios? Is this your highest potential – or what you’ll settle for?

  4. What ROI achieved from 2020 effective tax rate minimization and enhanced level of proactive forward financial control would be an attractive return on your time investment? 

  5. Do you feel the 2018 and 2019 effective tax rates you achieved were 1) competitive, 2) moderately in-line with or 3) fell short of the rates achieved by your peers?

  6. How did you arrive at this conclusion?

  7. If an investment adviser recommends a transaction thought to produce a tax benefit, how do you intelligently assess the impact of decision execution your household’s tax structure and 2020 Federal and State tax position -– factoring in the impact on items such as NIIT, income phase-outs and limits AMT and factors? 

  8. If your high W-2 salary, bonus and equity award income exceeds income limits for valuable current and likely proposed Federal and State tax deductions and credits, have you explored ways you can navigate and comply with tax laws that will allow you to reduce taxable income and AGI to increase the likelihood of qualifying for the deductions?

  9. If you own residential real estate rental properties or a side business, are you confident you are managing the entities to maximize tax benefits?

  10. If you have a substantial concentrated stock position from RSUs/GSUs have you explored IRS-approved strategies, you may qualify for to diversify – and defer capital gains?​


Feeling more or less in control?

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